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Self-Propelled Floor Scrubber with Traction Motor C26SP

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

  • 26" Large 22 gallon Self-Propelled Floor Scrubber with a Complete Set of Parts including Batteries, Charger, Adjustments Assembly Squeegee, Assembly Squeegee Rubber, Heavy Duty Brush, Red burnishing pad and Needle Holder. You can open the box and start using it following the instructions included.

  • C26SP Floor Scrubber can move forward or backward which is controlled by a switch. You can also control its speed on how fast you want it to move.

  • Crystal C26SP Floor Scrubber is suitable for hard floors such as mirror tile floor, marble floor, epoxy floor, PVC floor, emery floor, terrazzo floor, concrete floor, etc.

  • Efficiency: Large 22 gallon recovery tank allows users to clean a larger area: 31,777 sq feet/hour with less worries.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This floor scrubber is COMPACT & DURABLE with ERGONOMIC DESIGN. The wide handle makes the cleaning process more enjoyable with less effort and avoids putting too much stress on certain body parts.

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