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Floor Cleaning Machine USA strives to offer the highest quality products at affordable prices. We love to offer simple and easy online shopping experiences with fast & convenient shipping process, and courteous & professional customer support. The headquarter of Floor Cleaning Machine USA is located in Ontario, California where there are various kinds of cleaning supplies, tools and equipment in the warehouse.
Our clients are our top priorities. At Floor Cleaning Machine USA, we will keep on providing great products with great services along with free shipping & 30-day free return. We strive to find our clients products of better quality while maintaining competitive prices with faster delivery and professional customer support.

CONTACT US: Tel 626-800-9057

Address: 2090 S Etiwanda Ave., Ontario, CA, USA



2090 S Etiwanda Ave., Ontario, CA 91761


We are happy to go the extra mile to provide better customer service and often get different kinds of thank you notes from our clients, such as:

5 star reviews from our Customers:

"Customer Service is Second to None!

The Customer Service with this company is outstanding. they are always quick to respond to questions and concerns that we have had with this unit. Ordering accessories is a simple task as they are always so willing to help."

Great product, and great customer service!

My company has a large warehouse and yard, and the warehouse floor gets dust and dirt compiled pretty quickly. This sweeper makes cleaning a breeze! Even though we had an issue with one of the brushes, once we contacted the seller they immediately responded and sent us the replacement part to fix the issue. Couldn't ask for any better service!”

“The seller called us after ordering because they noticed we ordered 2 sweepers. They quickly helped us straighten out the order from their end and the entire order arrived within a week. Very nice company with honest and friendly customer service.”

Call us Now: 626-800-9057


Workers at Warehouse Computer

Here is an actual delivery case for your reference:

Thursdays at 10 am from the warehouse of Ontario, California (32090 S Etiwanda Ave., Ontario, CA 91761), one of our professional delivery team members happily picked up a C20 Floor Scrubber.

In the office, our customer support sent a text message informing our client the push behind floor scrubber he ordered will arrive in about half an hour to his company located in San Bernardino county, CA since the destination is very close to one of our warehouses. 

A video link showing how to put the machine to work is provided along with some valuable suggestions on how to use/maintain the machine:

1. Charge the floor scrubber fully (8 hours) every time. 

If you charge it and use it for shorter periods of time, it will shorten the battery life in the long run.  Make sure you charge the floor scrubber in a well-ventilated area, not in a closed room. The charger will automatically shut down when it’s full. Don’t put the charger on the wet floor or the charger will be damaged by the moisture. Charger shouldn’t be dropped to the floor since there is an IC plate in it.

2. You can clean the floor with clean water.

If you choose to add a small cup of neutral low foam/no foam solution with a full tank of water in the solution tank, please add the same amount of defoamer/anti-foam to the sewage tank to protect the vacuum motor.

3. All motors are protected (Vacuum motor, suction motor, traction motor). To reset them, find the black parts/switch & push them up.

One more advice : if you are not brushing the floor with water, lift up the brush or the friction would create strong current to your floor scrubber (lift up the squeegee assembly when it’s not in use or the rubber would be worn out which is unnecessary).


If the floor scrubbers are to be delivered to other states, our customer support will inform our clients with the tracking information once it’s available, such as the pro number, tracking website, & freight company’s customer number where they can see/find the estimated time of arrival or make delivery appointments if it’s preferable. A demo video clip link will also be provided, such as in the text message/email.


Our customer support will also follow up in about 25 ~ 28 days to see if the clients have any questions and provide necessary support or answers if there is a need.

Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves

We love our customers

Our customers love Floor Cleaning Machine USA

Just as the water ripples spread out, our warm, sincere and kind-hearted work attitude will be passed down to our clients. We believe that we should start our days by serving others and cherish the blessings we have. To make our clients happy is our top priority.


Here are more reviews from our clients:

Good Machine

Had a $30,000 machine break down people laughed for the price of the CR22 but they didnt laugh long this came though and cleaned the floors almost as good just smaller I strongly recommend this machine”

Great Company

Seller was very responsive to my questions and shipping was fast! Products were great quality as expected and we will definitely do business with them again. Highly recommend!”

“Cannot be beat in all departments Price, Quality, Service, Speed to respond and ship”



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Everyday we are looking for ways to improve and better our products and services.
Floor Cleaning Machine USA strives to provide the most reliable and the highest quality tools, products & equipment to improve our customer satisfaction. All products are tested before we send them out to meet the high expectation. We have partnered and purchased directly from reliable manufacturers in the U.S. and Asia to keep the prices low, competitive and affordable. 
In addition, we offer free shipping for all our products so that our clients can enjoy a worry-free shopping experience without any hidden fees.
Our clients are also entitled to enjoy the 30-day free return. That means our clients can shop with peace of mind, and are often paying less for the same products compared to shop locally. 

Call us Now: 626-800-9057


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