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30" 37 Gal Auto Ride-On Industrial Floor Scrubber, BTCR30

BTCR30 Auto Ride-On Floor Scrubber, 30" Cleaning Path, Dual 15 in brush pads.
✓ Recovery tank 37 gal, Solution Tank: 36.5 gal. Big Tanks, Less Trips & Effort.
✓ Coverage rate of 70,000 sq. ft. per hour.
✓ Extra large cleaning brush: 30" Cleaning Path, Dual 15 in brush pads.
✓ Includes 4*200AH batteries with 4-6 hours of run time per charge.
✓ Anti-Collision design makes your floor scrubber last longer, maneuver with ease.
✓ Pleasant and comfortable work, due to the ergonomic sitting operation.
Efficiency: Large 37 gallon recovery tank allows users to clean a larger area: 70,000 sq feet/hour with less worries.
Dual 15 in brush pads.            
Solution tank 36.5 gal.           
Recovery tank 37 gal.           
600 W traction motor, easy to turn around in narrow place. 
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