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CR40 Auto Ride-On Floor Scrubber, 40" Cleaning Path

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

CR40 Auto Ride-On Floor Scrubber, 40" Cleaning Path, Dual 20in brush pads.
Efficiency: Large 60 gallon recovery tank allows users to clean a larger area: 88,264 sq feet/hour with less worries.
Dual 20in brush pads.            
Solution tank 53gal.            
Recovery tank 60gal.            
800W traction motor in the front wheel, easy to turn around in narrow place. 
6*6V/200AH batteries, Running time: 6-8 hours.       
Magnet brush pad, easy to install and detach.           
Front LED light.            
Low noise level.           
Quick connect hose, ease to connect the faucet.            
Leather seat, confortable enough for opeartor.            
Curtis CPU controller.     
Big size anti-slip wheels with polyurethane coating. 
Increased brush pressure for taking on extremely dirty floors.
Cup holder and phone holder for your convenience.
Love People, Love Clean Life, The Crystal CR40 Auto Ride-On Floor Scrubber with a 40" cleaning path has increased brush pressure, a 175 RPM motor, and offers 88,263 square feet per hour of coverage.
Its large capacity 53 gal solution tank and 60 gal recovery tank allow users to focus more time on cleaning and less time refilling.
Safety features such as a seatbelt, front warning light, side anti bumpers, and a Big size anti-slip wheels with polyurethane coating help keep the rider safe during use, making this a safe and ideal floor scrubber machine for commercial and industrial applications. Overall measurements: 69" L x 40" W x 57" H.
Set of squeegee blades,2 red pads, 2 brush, and 2 pad driver are included.

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