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C37 AMR Robotic floor Scrubber Sweeper

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

  • Crystal C37 AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robotic) Sweeper & Scrubber is specifically designed for autonomous cleaning, working safely around people, including employees and customers.

  • Crystal C37 AMR, Robotic Floor Sweeper Scrubber, will work efficiently to make the environment very clean while automatically going back to its docking station to charge itself, empty the recovery tank and refill the clean water tank.

  • Crystal C37 AMR, autonomous mobile robot, is designed for retail stores, hospitals, schools, churches & similar settings.

  • C37 AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robotic) Sweeper & Scrubber will adjust its path to navigate around objects, if an obstacle is detected.

  • C37 AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robotic) Sweeper & Scrubber is a fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot that maximizes cleaning productivity while minimizing human intervention.

  • It is suitable for large indoor places where autonomous floor sweeping and scrubbing are required at the same time.

  • One robot with two functions: sweeping, scrubbing, or both functions at the same time.

  • C37 will also suck up the dirty water after scrubbing the floor and save the operator a lot of time and effort.

  • Improve the work efficiency of the cleaning industry: the maximum efficiency is 53,820 sq ft/h.

  • Automatic sewage circulation system recycles the sewage, which not only saves water resources but also prolongs the battery life of the robot.

  • The autonomous sweeper can complete the tasks independently without human intervention

  • Only the best parts are used in each robot. from laser radar to battery, all are energy efficient and can last longer.

  • With different pads/brushes, C37 can clean various types of hard floor, such as mirror tile floor, marble floor, epoxy floor, PVC floor, terrazzo floor, concrete floor, etc.

  • The robot is designed with one-button start, which is easy for employees to operate and also greatly saves employee training time.

  • Alleviate the labor shortage problem.

  • Crystal Floor Scrubber: Love People, Love Clean Life.

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