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2022 Floor Scrubbers Reviews

Here are a few highly recommended floor scrubbers that you might be interested:

Most popular Floor Scrubber 20” Brush: C20

Pros and Cons

Pro: Floor Scrubber C20 is more affordable with 2 lead batteries. It takes 8 hours to fully charge the two lead batteries and you can use the floor scrubber for 3 hours with a full charge. It is safe to charge the batteries overnight before you leave the job site, and start using it on the following day when you report to work.

Con: You might need to replace the lead batteries in about 2 years if you use a floor scrubber frequently.

Self-propelled Floor Scrubber 20” Brush: C20SP

Pros and Cons

Pro: It is so easy to use a Self-propelled Floor Scrubber C20SP to clean the floor. Some people just used it once and fell in love with it. They never want to go back to the hand-pushed floor scrubbers.

Just push the toggle forward and the floor scrubber will move forward. It’s just that easy. Human supervision is still needed since this is not an expensive robot floor scrubber that usually costs more than $30,000 per unit. In early March 2020, the spring sale price of Self-propelled Floor Scrubber C20SP is about $3,199.

Con: You might forget that your floor scrubber is still working and move on to a new task while it’s cleaning your floor. Don’t forget to turn off the machine before you start working on some other tasks.

Most Comfortable Floor Scrubber 22” Brush: CR22

Pros and Cons

Pro: If you’d like to take a ride on a floor scrubber and clean the floor at the same time, you should buy a Floor Scrubber CR22, ride-on floor scrubber. It is low maintenance and super easy to drain and clean the sewage tank.

Con: The only disadvantage of Floor Scrubber CR22 is the cost which is a little more than $4,000 in early March 2022. However, many similar ride-on floor scrubbers in the market cost more than $7,000. Floor Scrubber CR22 is not that costly compared to its competitors, and it does perform similar cleaning tasks beautifully

Most economic Floor Scrubber 20” Brush: C20AC

Pros and Cons

Pro: Electric, no batteries, lighter to move around between different working sites, no need to charge the machine for 8 hours, durable, and there is no need to replace the batteries in the long run.

Con: It’s corded so there is a limit on how far you can go unless you pair it up with a longer, high quality & safe extension cord. You cannot use Floor Scrubber C20AC in a powerless location.

Floor Scrubber C20AC:

For grocery stores, small shops, restaurants, & dining halls: C20AC, corded 20” floor scrubber, most economic & no need to worry about charging/replacing the batteries.

For gyms, schools, churches, temples, apartment buildings, small hotels, bigger restaurants, & storage places: C50, Battery-powered 20” Floor Scrubber. It’s affordable, efficient, versatile and durable.

For hospitals, warehouses, resorts & convention centers: CR22, Ride-on Floor scrubber.

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