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Electric Walk-Behind Auto Floor Scrubber, 18" Cleaning Path, C18AC

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

  • High cleaning performance of 17,200 ft²/h.

  • Ergonomically adjustable tiller.

  • Integrated safety switch on handle.

  • Easy change of squeegee.

  • Residue-free cleaning.

  • 18" Electric Floor Scrubber with a Complete Set of Parts: This Floor Scrubber with a Complete Set of Parts will save you USD$373 compared to buying a similar machine from other companies. The parts in our box include Squeegee Rubber ($79), Heavy Duty Brush ($149), one piece of Red Burnishing Pad ($19), Pad Holder ($126), Adjustments Assembly Squeegee, Batteries and an External Charger . These parts listed above with price aren't included in our competitor's box and you are saving USD $373 if you choose to place the order with us. You can open the box and start using it without ordering additional and start using it without ordering additional parts.

  • Deep Cleaning: Powered by a 0.75 peak horsepower brush motor offers 175 RPM, 0.75 HP suction motor, and a coverage rate of 17,200 sq. ft. per hour. U shape 30.7" squeegee, easy to collect water with no residue. The scrubber have a 9.2 gallon solution tank, a 10 gallon recovery tank. Simply run the machine once to complete the cleaning process.

  • Crystal C18AC Floor Scrubber is suitable for hard floors such as mirror tile floor, marble floor, epoxy floor, PVC floor, emery floor, terrazzo floor, concrete floor, etc.

  • Easy to Use. Simply run the machine once on the ground to complete the cleaning process.

  • It Only Takes 5 Minutes. Easy assembly and start up ever.

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: 12-month warranty, this unit is brand new and will be shipped within 3 business days from Los Angeles! Free Shipping, 30 days free return, Easy to use, great quality and very competitive price! (Floor Cleaning Machine USA will ship the non-wearable parts to you in one year)

  • Durability: Rotationally molded polyethylene housing is corrosion and impact resistant. Anti-Collision design makes your floor scrubber last longer, maneuver with ease. ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This floor scrubber is COMPACT & DURABLE with ERGONOMIC DESIGN. The wide handle makes the cleaning process more enjoyable with less effort and avoids putting too much stress on certain body parts.

  • Please order new Squeegee Rubber and replace them every 3 months to have the ideal cleaning result, or you might feel it is harder to push the machine forward.

  • Please add some antifreeze in the water before you leave it in the machine during the cold winter, or the water might get frozen and break the pipe or block the waterway.

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